In the Name of the Vagina





There are so many references in our daily  counversation about the penis , but we have to talk about the vagina? We have to go deeper and deeper unless we are just creatives. And the proposal is here : a application only for vaginas.

The same company  which made last years the dildos , and the booty-calls , came today with a new application, named ‘ Flirtmoji’. there are blue ones with purple anemone pubes, there are cracked, squishy,or hairy ones. They have any type we want , like they are real ones.

The designers need to take a creativity award for their application. They mentionned that the ‘vagina app’ came to empower the relationship between the sexuality of people and their desires. And if it is too much for using them for sexting , the next time you have to describe your next wax trip , use these emoticons . Thank you Flirtmoji, anyway.