Sneaker Influentials – Bobbito Garcia

For Bobbito Garcia and his role in the rise of sneakers culture, OZON has written extensively in the past .A multidimensional personality, guru of open basketball grounds in New York, DJ and radio producer, one of the first supporters for names such as Wu-Tang Clan and MF Doom and of course sneakers designer. This year here leases his new hi-top model ‘Royal Flash’ by PRO-Keds and a new afrolatin cd collection ‘Connection’ along with Rich Medina.

-What have been so far the responses to your new Royal Flash PRO-KEDS model?

Wonderful.The website nicekicks.com voted them top 15 of the year, and they’ve been moving at the select stores that are carrying them.

-What has been the process of releasing it? How did PRO-KEDS approach you?

I wrote fondly about the Royal Flash in my book ‘Where’d You Get Those? New York City Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987’ (Testify, 2003). PRO-Keds felt I was the right person to collaborate with to re-introduce the model for its 30th anniversary.

-Tell us some things about the model, its design and technology?

Back then, we called the Royal Flash the ‘Αdd on’ because the outsole was not the same color as the upper, which was very rare in that time. Most bottoms were all one piece. The RF was the best shoe PK ever made to play ball in. I was very excited when they asked me to put my spin on it.

-Do you see big differences in the NYC b-ball open courts of now to the ones 10-15 years ago? Different air?

Myself and my partners founded Bounce Magazine (www.bouncemag.com) in 2003 to cover the playground. NYC is still producing great players, and during the summer our tournament atmosphere is unmatched throughout the world, however unorganised pick-up games at the local parks have definitely become
less frequented and competitive.

-What have been the responses to your ‘Connection’ compilation with Rich Medina?

Super! That was a lot of fun to do. Rich and I are best friends, hopefully more compilations in the future!