Baroque dresses are the trademark of Giles Deacon. They were however, the weak point of his previous collection. And maybe this has occured beacuse it was the first time he tried to step outside his common ground, impressing in such way both audience and critics with the -rare for the designer- leather trousers. He differentiated from his past and not only did he not disappoint, but his design and sartorial abilities have emerged even more.

He followed the same formula for his Resort 2015 collection. No, he did not present a series of dramatic dresses. He denied  his beloved black, the imposing volumes and integrated gentler elements to his garments. From forms up to his flamingo drawings and flowers, everything confirmed his “evolution”, his effort, not to deny who he actually is, but to transfer it to another level, more personal, and closer to critics and their expectations of him.

And since dismissing drama is not so easy to do, his tie-dye jacquard textile, which resembled a sea in tide, magnetize glances and evoke feelings. He fails though, to earn the best out of them. They’d be an ideal canvas, to push his forms to the limits, and the influential character of the “waves” creates the ideal conditions. Under no circumstance did he lose his identity, but he did hold himself back. And self-restraint is not the best councelor for a creator. Especially when we talk about Giles Deacon, who keenly expresses himself through his creations.

It is wrong for him however, to puzzle over such a thing. It’s something really small, compared to what he can obtain thanks to this collection. Critics surely evaluate his effort and buyers will get crazy over its witty pieces. Undoubtedly, a really ingenious collection.

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