OZON spring issue is entitled ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ and delves into the notion of the instinctual self. We narrate stories about sex, food and protection while at the same time we explore what set us apart from animals: our instincts for reflection and creativity. We are interested in creating a new kind of imagery inspired by predators and renegades and we wish to unfold in our own way the oldest stories of the teen-age wasteland. Urban aesthetics, emerging new talents and established contemporary designers and artists are featured in the pages of OZON International that wishes to act as an antidote to uniformity, escaping the norm of mainstream magazines.

In our ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ issue we interviewed creatives such as Kris Kuksi, Sandra Mann, Maria Francesca Pepe, Barbara i Gongini and Pamela Love, we questioned ourselves about the animal within and we went for a purposeless walk with the gangs of Athens.

Fashion forms a key part of its promise. Our editorials are based in a big dose of reality and a little dash of aspiration. Check our fashion photography by Anouk Morgan, Christos Sarris, Yara De Nicola, Nicole Maria Winkler, Pablo Ravazzani and John Ciamillo.

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