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Bjork Biophilia Ultimate Edition


Bjork, the well-known Icelandic musician, has found a quite innovative way to promote the release of her album which is going to be out on the 27th of September. She launched an ultimate edition in a boxset which is presented in a beautiful lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged-lid case and consists of the Biophilia Manual and 10 chrome-plated tuning forks, as part of her Biophilia Project.
The manual contains the album, a second cd of her live performance in Manchester as well as a booklet with essays from various people she has collaborated with, such as Nikki Dibben. Talking about the forks, are each silkscreened on one face in ten different colors and stamped on the back. Available to pre-order from Nonesuch Records.

Source: Huh Magazine