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Global Architects Renovate a Dutch Apartment


Global Architects, an architectural firm that designs, constructs and renovates spaces, was now occupied with a Dutch apartment. The top floor apartment is located at a mansion in Holland and it got a modern renovation. The architects, trying to bring back the traditional functions of the space, had to come up with an efficient way to make it.

The biggest part of the apartment is the living room while on the one side of it, one can find the kitchen and the dining room. The architects’ goal was to keep the apartment open and spacious and despite all that, they managed to provide storage spaces, covering the practical need of the attendants.

The apartments’ style is minimal with elements, like bricks or the unprocessed concrete that surrounds the fireplace, that add warmth to the space. Also, the industrial tone is not absent from the place, with the stainless steel kitchen cabinets and the raw wooden floors. The beds made from wooden palettes complete the aesthetics of the apartment which is contemporary, yet cozy and practical.

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