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How about a brain trip?


The Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands, presents a rather innovative exhibition called ‘Surreal Worlds’. The Museum uses EEG, to monitor visitors’ brain waves through a brain reader. They collaborated with the interactive agency Rhinofly to develop an installation named ‘Brain Trip’, which evalueates whether the visitor is focused or not, though the blinks of the eyes.

Brain Wave Reading Game Gives Museum Visitors A Surreal Trip [Video]

Surrealism and its meanings are quite difficult to fathom sometimes, especially when our subconscious self strives to grasp on to reality. If a person is not relaxed, therefore “open”, it is hard to experience surrealism. The stadia of ones brain activity, will be compared to the data measured by the brain reader, customizing every experience according to each person’s brain electric activity and needs. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is now accessible to artists and educators.

The Brain Trip lasts 7:24 minutes for an average of five visitors per hour. See the video below.

Casevideo: Brain Trip from Rhinofly on Vimeo.