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Lacoste Porcelain Polo Shirts by Li Xiaofeng

It took three months and Chinese porcelain artist Li Xiaofeng to create the most expensive and exclusive Lacoste polo ever. He painted, fired, fragmented, shaped, polished, and finally linked together porcelain fragments, drawing inspiration from the early Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644 AD). This not-so-comfortable porcelain shirt is currently on display in France at the Musée des Arts et Métiers and will then head to Bejing in the Fall at Li Xiaofeng’s first one-man at the Red Gate Gallery.

This porcelain polo, designed for Holiday 2010 Collector’s Series, is escorted by a printed polo, made by the same artist, from photographs of blue and white porcelain shards with lotus and children designs from the Kangxi Period (1662 – 1772 AD) of the Qing Dynasty. The printed polo is limited to 20,000 pieces for both men and women.

Source: Highsnobiety