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Would You Use A Vespa As An Office Chair?

scooter chairs bel&bel

There is a different version of the well known italian Vespa. A spanish studio named Bel&Bel has created office chairs from parts of vintage Vespa and the results are simply amazing!

The “Scooter Chair” is a really impressive creation of parts of the famous italian Vespa and it is a quite comfortable office chair. The designers used the chassis of the legendary motorbikes of the 80’s for the back part of the chair paying homage to them. It may look like an ornamental feature, but it has all the characteristics of a modern office chair. The “Scooter Chair” has a reinforced internal structure for sturdiness, and a base with a hydraulic piston for height adjustment. Moreover, these chairs are ergonomic, upholstered with faux leather and soft tread-silent wheels. They are also handmade and customized by Bel&Bel and you can find them in lots of colours according to your own office’s style.