Cate Blanchett Became Pink (and it doesn’t suit her at all)

Cate Blanchett out and about, London, Britain - 23 Mar 2016

Cate Blanchett was spotted in London with pink, bobbed hair. And it had nothing to do with some upcoming role.

We usually admire her for her glam, sexy and classy look. She is famous not only for her beauty and for her unique talent, but also for she is considered to be one of the best dressed women in Hollywood every year. This time, however, Cate Blanchett became the centre of attention for the wrong reasons. With hair cut in short style, in multiple shades of pink and with pop aviator glasses in the same color, she decided to change her image… in a bad way.

Οne can easily realise the importance of a stylist in the career of a film star, after comparing Cate’s last appearance at the Oscars with her current look on the West London streets…