Is The Addams Family Back?

addams family

They are one of our most favorite families. They are the Addams and we would so much love to see them making their comeback.

And it seems it’s not just us, wanting Morticia and Gomez Addams, and their family, making us laugh with their lines, in a completely boring and normal world. And this is the reason why, that photo of Christina Ricci, or else Wednesday Addams, posing as a new version of Anjelica Huston or Morticia, made us hope for that moment. addams family

And even though rumour had it that the remake was in the making, everything was just a rumour. The photo, first appeared on Tumblr, and it was a photoshop experiment of some ultra devoted fan of the family. And now, here we are, waiting for the comeback of THE family!

addams family 1