Quentin Tarantino Plans To Retire After His 10th Moviefilm


Famous director Quentin Tarantino, recently stated, at the American Film Market, that he plans to leave the show business after completing his 10th film. “It’s not etched in stone, but that is the plan,” he said. “If I get to the tenth, do a good job and don’t screw it up, well that sounds like a good way to end the old career. If, later on, I come across a good movie, I won’t not do it just because I said I wouldn’t. But ten and done, leaving them wanting more, that sounds right” the 51year-old director stated.

With the promotion of his new upcoming film, Hateful Eight (it’s also his 8th one), the shooting of which hasn’t started yet, he told: “I like that I will leave a ten-film filmography, and so I’ve got two more to go after this.” In the film, star Walton Goggins, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Samuel L. Jackon and Kurt Russell with whom he has worked in the past (“Pulp Fiction, “Death Proof”). With the delay of the movie’s production, due to leak of its scenario, Tarantino’s retirement seems to take longer.