Trainspotting 2: All We Know So Far!


The Trainspotting remake is official. And here you can find out everything you need to know about the much anticipated comeback.

-Shooting is about to start in 2016. Either May or June. And this is happening because Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller have limited time due to the TV shows they are both having lead roles.

Ewan Mcgregor was negative to the possibility, since he thought “It would be a terrible shame to make a sequel if it wasn’t as good.”, a statement dating back to 2003, during the Cannes Film Festival and it’s been 12 years since then.

-All members of the original cast will be back, which is something all movie fans would want, given their chemistry, and their attribution to the original film’s success.

-The film will be based on Irving Welsh’s second book of the series, named Porno. But not totally. And it won’t be named Porno.

-The budget will be bigger, since the income is expected to be big. Besides the impatience for the movie is big. Let’s do not forget that it has been 20 years since the original film.

-Besides the cast, it’s the screenwriter who is also coming back. This could guarantee an interesting movie.

-And last, and maybe the most important of all info shared, is the film will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Trainspotting, which will be released in 2016!