Amy Winehouse: 6 years after her death, 6 facts about her life

Six years ago, on the 23rd of July like yesterday, Amy Winehouse passed away prematurely at the age of 27. The petite British singer with the big, brassy voice passed on to the music world songs that still captivate audiences worldwide. A tortured soul, but incredibly talented has had journalists and biographers intrigued. There is a plethora of published written pieces concerning just as much her life as they do her death.

We gathered 6 pieces of information (same as the years passed) that stayed with us and possibly help us understand her troubled even though short-lived course.

Amy Winehouse


  1. Asif Kapadia’s documentary “Amy” shed some light in many aspects of the singer’s life and it was well-reserved by critics and audience. Her parents though are very unhappy with the final film, especially her father, who is shown to pressure Amy Winehouse at a time when she needed support the most. Her father denies there is any merit to that and he established the Amy Winehouse foundation that helps young people struggling with addiction in her memory.


  1. Through this documentary, we also get to see that she was aware of her talents really early on since we witness her impressive performance as a 14-year-old girl, singing happy birthday to a friend on a home-video. She was in fact accepted at the Sylvia Young Theatre School at the age of 12.


  1. Amy’s memory is indissolubly linked with Camden and its free spirit so much so that there is a statue of the beloved artist placed on the grounds of the area’s popular open-air market. “Camden is Amy’s place, it’s where she belongs”, said Winehouse’s mother according to The Guardian.

Amy Winehouse

  1. Amy was actually found dead, laying on her bed in her house in Camden, next to empty bottles and her laptop. According to articles, her search history proved that she spent her final hours looking at footage of herself. For many the fact was undeniable proof of her extremely low self-esteem issues and that reason was what led to her death.


  1. Even though she only had time to release two albums due to her brief lifespan, Amy Winehouse’s artistic contribution in music world is grand. Her fans though wanted more. They managed to find unreleased songs, Amy recorded before her untimely death but weren’t included on any album and uploaded them on the web.


  1. The 27 Club is a list of well-known artists, that all died at the age of 27 most of them by alcohol or drug abuse. Amy Winehouse is one of the recent additions to the list which also includes Jimi Hendrix, η Janis Joplin, και ο Jim Morrison.

Amy Winehouse

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