Billie Holiday’s Hologram To Perform in The Apollo Theater

billie holiday

The Apollo Theater of New York will be presenting a series of hologram presentations this year, as a supplement to their daytime educational program, and there could not have been a better choice for its debut than Billie Holiday.

The jazz singer sung there for the very first time when she was 19 years old, and she had performed there over 30 times. “An important part of our mission is finding ways to connect our rich history with our present,” said Jonelle Procope, president and chief executive of the iconic Harlem theater.

Holiday’s hologram will be designed by Hologram USA, who have also created holograms for Buddy Holly, Jimmy Kimmel and Chief Keef. Having granted the permission of Holiday’s estate, Hologram USA will create a show, starting with a speech, followed by music and finally, the audience will get the chance to make their questions. Her voice will be taken from audio recordings so as to enrich the interactive performance of Lady Day, who will be back to the theater 56 years after her passing away, at the age of 44.

The Apollo have signed an exclusive two-year deal with Hologram USA and are planning regular performances to supplement their daytime educational programming and the series debut is due for Thanksgiving period.