Binary – Panic at the Disco


Binary may not have chosen the most original of mediums as their platform; a crew of DJs and producers from L.A., who love the sun, vintage synths, cocktails, killer hooks and girls who bring panic at the disco, they have put together a blog that has developed into a record label and booking agency.

Binary have however become renowned for their exceptional taste in an L.A. music scene still dominated by DJ AM (RIP), Steve Aoki and the LA Riots who imported the banging French electro sound and combined it with blog house, in typical noisy fashion. Binary are instead fonder of new wave and songs with a clear beginning and an end as opposed to loopy fodder; Moroder and Sebastien Tellier as opposed to Busy P; neon to fluorescent and California’s palm trees to urban landscapes. Alfa, Fabian, Κeenhouse, LexiconDon, NightWaves and Short Circuit, are not having a go at yet another disco revival, instead their aim is to bring their city into line with the latest developments in music globally. Their sound incorporates a little bit of Paris and Melbourne of the last five years, as well as New York of the Gino Soccio era, juxtaposed with the sound of L.A. in all its maturity. The idea is to shed light on both aspects of the City of Angels as they perceive it, the glamorous and the rough side. Less novelty rave and a sharper focus on the 80s L.A. glam. The success of their parties and blog is a testament to their achievements thus far. |