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5 Seasons in Patra


Last weekend Ozon traveled to Patra to attend the opening of the exhibition “Five Seasons”  by visual collaborator George Marazioti. Five Seasons is Marazioti’s second personal project (after his solo exhibition INSIDE that was in Athens and Patra) and is the first time he will be exhibitin his installation pieces. Inspired by the four seasons and having done research on painters and contemporary artists but mainly aiming to pass his own perspective on current – mainly Greek – reality Marazioti has created five  large installations in the basement of the prior Arsakeiou in Patra. The first four rooms consist of elements from the four classic seasons intertwined with personal experiences that characterize a political bold complexion. Combined with three-dimensional, natural elements (water, ash and coal) and modern clothing the direction of the short film with emphasis on Maraziotis theatrical lighting succeeded in presenting a impressively interesting scene.  The fifth room (that hosted the fifth season) illustrates a personal Utopian season in a space that entices the viewer to get lost in their inner cosmos.  A dark room, without light and sound narrates the ideal environment of Maraziotis utopia. Finally, in a smaller room you will find all the preparatory work (drafts, paintings, photographs, videos and notes) giving the chance for the attendee to explore the artists entire creative process so to better understand and appreciate the complete show. The exhibition will be open for a few days more.

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