Check Out: Deap Vally



Deap Vally

Drenge, The White Stripes, Jagwar Ma; similar artists, true, but Deap Vally have something else.   The two-piece is made up of Lindsey Troy (Guitar & Vocals) and Julie Edwards (Drums & Vocals), two fierce chicks from Los Angeles, California.   The refreshing thing about Deap Vally is the genuine attitude that emanates from everything they release.  Their two singles ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ and ‘End Of The World’, both scream Rock’n’Roll, and there’s a detectable feminist agenda; an all-too-rare trait of music nowadays.

If you want some seriously raw, sexy, and bafflingly performed tunes go and see Deap Vally. 

But don’t trust me, check out their video for ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’: