Check Out: Everything Everything


You might already be familiar with this interesting mix of post-indie and art-rock, but even so, Everything Everything deserve a second/third/fourth glance.   I stumbled upon this band because of my Mum, actually, who pushed them on me from every stereo in the house and car.  It took me a couple of listens to really ‘get’ Everything Everything, their first album ‘Man Alive’ is very much ‘of their sound’, something I began very swiftly to love about them.  Everything Everything – now in the closing hours of the celebrations from their second album ‘Arc’ – know their genre (if you could easily place it), and yet keep finding new ways to baffle even the most musically literate art-rock lover.

Even their single, Cough Cough, despite being the most ‘chart-pleasing’, is still subversive and interesting.  We love it when the good stuff gets in with the repetitive nonsense.   Diamond in the rough, or something.

Everything Everything