Daniel Avery in OZON RAW


Few electronic music producers manage to produce work that is greeted with positive reviews from across the board. From the rock oriented Mojo and Uncut, to the hipsterific Quietus and Pitchfork and all the way to the dance music gurus of Resident Advisor and Mixmag, everyone seems to be in agreement. Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic” is a marvelous record that has very little in common with anything else out there at the moment. It is a record very much rooted in the “now” and not some homage to the past. Not bad for a lanky indie kid from Bournemouth, whose life was changed by Erol Alkan’s Trash nights. Alkan himself, who puts out his own work on the magnificent Phantasy label, is one of his greatest promoters. And he is not alone. The mighty Andrew Weatherall, always talked highly of his “protégé”, before the world caught wind of him.

Daniel, who has for years been a resident at Fabric and was the man who put together one of the club’s best ever compilations, is a fan of the city of Athens, having been here three times already as a guest of the Yes it does!! Sure it does!! Parties. And now, with his fame climbing to new heights, he will be back to celebrate with all his friends on the 6th of December , with an event set up by Yid!!Sid!! and the Athenian based Plissken festival.

text: Vagelis Kamarakis