Flippinradio O Three: Grimes, Crystal Castles, Hunx

The first time we heard about Grimes was in 2011 when she collaborated with d’Eon to produce “Darkbloom” and she really made a fuss. Now, she is considered a worthy representative of female artists, along with Zola Jesus, Lykke Li etc. mainly because of her latest release “Visions” that was released by 4Ad. From this record we pick “Genesis”, performed live, since it is also available for a free download.

This week, Crystal Castles released a new video clip for their 2010 track “Suffocation”. The majority of the fans didn’t like it ,but some of them appreciated the fact that Alice experimented a little bit more with her outlook. See for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

But enough with the Canadians.  Let’s roll to garage pop tunes…The frontman of Hunx and His Punks released his solo album on February 28th,  titled  “Hairdresser Blues”. The first single is the song “Always Forever”.