La Dispute – ‘Rooms of the House’

La Dispute, for most of you who wont know them, describe themselves on their website as ‘five close friends from the Upper Midwest with a mutual passion for using music as a means to express, challenge, inform, and connect’, and their latest studio album ‘Rooms of the House’ reflects that perfectly. La Dispute music has developed so much since their forming in 2004, and in the past decade has seen them change from spoken word/poetry, to instrumental blues and jazz, to collaborative soundscapes, to hardcore punk, and now to this: a combination of all of this. In this latest offer, La Dispute have perfectly balanced their front man (Jordan Dreyer) and his passion for literature, philosophy, romance, and syncopation; with their beautifully intricate and moving instrumentals; and every now and again, the anger of both the vocals and instruments takes over, and what emerges is a barraging punk intensity. For new listeners, I’d recommend starting where they started and following their discography chronologically, or you can throw yourself right in at the deep end. They are perhaps an acquired taste, but like all culture-heavy tastes, one well worth acquiring.

We can’t give it all to you here, so go get it off their website (link above).
Until then, check out their latest music video for ‘For Mayor In Splitsville’.