Lola’s Bad debut album: “Miss Abyss 2046”

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On June 3rd, Greek-born/London-based Evangelia C aka Lola’s Bad released her debut EP “Miss Abyss 2046”, which introduces a ferocious femininity to the dream pop/exotica electronica genre. Like Diamanda Galas before her, Evangelia sets one foot in the future and another in the past, bringing classical theatrics to postmodern forms. Her unique contribution, however, is to draw on the traditions of both the Greek Archipelago and the British Isles, resulting in a Mediterranean-Celtic aesthetic that is as harsh as it is ethereal.

This cavalcade of influences is directed down its pathway of performance-art-video-pop by what Evangelia describes as a “hidden sensual surrealist touch”, which underpins her every mode of expression. Opposed to the avant-garde’s tendency towards introversion and self-indulgence, Evangelia engages with her audience so that she may pervert as well as entertain.

Evangelia’s live performances are equally as intriguing as her recordings and serve as both canvas and catalyst for the music to take shape – her experience as a professional dancer, actress and video artist puts her on a whole new level when it comes to the composition and execution of the Lola’s Bad show, which is more like a living installation or live experiment than a typical “concert”.

Lola’s Bad is Evangelia’s solo 100% DIY project and in addition to appearances at the Biennale and the Deathtripping Festival (with Lydia Lunch), this graduate of Central St Martin’s Performance Art programme has written, directed and starred in a sold-out theatre adaptation of David Lynch’s “Fire Walk With Me” staged in an illegal Athens nightclub, performed a 90-minute monologue as Andy Warhol at the Cochrane Theatre in London, and played a cannibal feeding raw meat to audience members who had been strapped to a table in the London’s legendary Shunt space.

Well, let’s explore more of her mystery…



And there is her brand new clip for her song “Cyber Sensation”. Pure ’90s. Pure Sensation.