Text: Vangelis Kamarakis |

I assume that it’s really hard to make six decent albums in six years and even harder to convince Warp records to release the last three of them. Stephen Wilkinson tends to have a different view and he seems to make this attempt look relatively easy.Bibio, has been declared from independent and non indiepended music media, as the Prince of Folktronica – the kind of music, which tends to mix forms and techniques of the greatest electronic and idm producers like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, with British folk influences. Using labels is cool for those who find it useful, but listening to Bibio’s latest album ‘Mind Bokeh’, which was released a while ago, shows a lot more than the expected (folk and electronic): guitars, a bit of funk and hip hop and most of all the will to create a beautiful pop album, in which probably everyone will find something different to listen to. The first single ‘K for Kelson’ is already an indie hit and the audience starts to realize what those who are responsible for music in advertising have initially understood: Bibio makes pop music for the future and (why not?) the present.