Rihanna Announces new Album Title and Artwork

Rihanna new album anti

Ιt’s been a while Rihanna has been teasing us with singles and photos from her new album. Last night, the singer showed up at the opening of Roy Nachum’s exhibition at the LA Mama Gallery, where she announced the title and presented the artwork of her new release.

To start with, it will be named “Anti” and it is “a person opposed to a particular policy, activity or idea”. For the cover of her eighth album, she teamed up with 36-year-old Nachum. The singer from the Barbados spoke of their relationship: “It started with a random conversation in the studio at 4am when a friend brought up the artwork of Nachum and when we met, he just asked me what would make me a happy girl”.

For the album cover, the Israeli artist teased a childhood photo of Rihanna, and he added a black baloon and a crown in front of her eyes to it, while a Chloë Mitchell’s braille poem, completes the artwork. Besides, the artist has been experimenting with the braille language in his work, and as Rihanna said “Sometimes, those who don’t see much, can see better”.

There has been no official date release for “Anti” yet.