No1 Hip Hop Brand: It’s all about Gucci

gucci hip hop

Hip-hop stars are nowadays recognised as fashion icons. And when it’s time for them to talk about their favorite brand, they do it through their songs’ lyrics without hesitation.

That was the base of the research that took place for the hip-hop songs of the last 20 years, which overshowed Gucci as the No1 most popular brand into their lyrics. Mentionned in 68 tracks in 2015, and up to 1000 totally, Gucci comes first in the list, leaving behind other brands, such as Nike, Prada, Versace and Adidas. Sulja Boy and Jay Z prefer the luxury brands of Gucci and Versace, when “hip-hop killas” Eminem and Nelly persist in Nike’s clasic athletic style. Whichever brand comes first, this research came to confirm that the hip-hop stage is always in-fashion.