Ten Anticipated Albums of 2014…Sort Of


With rock-music creeping back into the charts, and many new genres on the horizon, there is so much new music to be excited for this year. However, to avoid going on forever, I am going to just offer ten albums that I am very excited for…in no particular order.


10. Belle & Sebastian (1st photo)

Whether the album will be finished this year or not, the Scottish outfit’s follow up to ‘Write About Love’ will be the first release in four years. The band have hinted at the album being a tribute to the Eurovision song contest; it’s sounds a little beyond belief, but serves to raise the anticipation.


9.  Death Cab for Cutie



Rumour has it that the rock/emo veterans, Death Cab for Cutie, are currently producing a new album.  October 2013 saw a photo on their Instagram (entitled ‘Paintbrushes’) hinting at their return to the studio.    Keep an ear to the ground for this one, because Death Cab are of the most solid producers of albums; beautifully put together, congruous, and perfectly executed.


7. Modest Mouse



Another rumour-ridden anticipation: Modest Mouse’s next release is becoming increasingly likely, after their recent tour announcement.   MM recently cancelled a set of dates to concentrating on writing, and with this latest news, perhaps their long-awaited sixth album is finally upon us!


6. Clean Bandit



Up-and-comers, Clean Bandit, are set to release their debut album ‘New Eyes’, this June.  Make sure you check out their unique blend of classical and electronic styles, because it’s never been done quite like this before.


5. Mast0don 


‘Once More ‘Round The Sun’ is the upcoming release from heavy-hitting oldies, Mastodon.   After much teasing of the fans, Mastodon finally announced that the album would drop June 24th, so keep your eyes peeled.


4. Don Broco


Don Broco hail from the UK, and have only recently released their debut album entitled ‘Priorities’.  However, only two years later, Don Broco are back in the studio writing and recording for their second release.  No word yet on the title, or the contents, or, for that matter, if the album will be available in 2014…but still, definitely an exciting prospect.  Funk-rock, sex-talk, and big-fat smiles all round!


3. La Dispute


In case you missed my short album review of ‘Rooms of the House’, you should definitely check it out.  It already dropped early in 2014, so technically it shouldn’t be on this list, but it’s so great that you should anticipate hearing it if you haven’t yet…or if you haven’t in a few days, anticipate listening to it again.


2. Jack White

Screenshot 2014-05-06 at 14.33.20

Jack White (The White Stripes) is set to release his second solo album, AND, rumour has it, a collaboration album with Neil Young; comprised predominantly of covers.  Now if that’s not a exciting pair, I don’t know what is.


1. Somos



Somos are perfect if you miss the pop/emo era, and their full length album ‘Temple of Plenty’ is a gorgeously nostalgic testament to the glory days of pop-punk.  If you liked Name Taken, check out Somos. (P.s. The album is already out.)