8 Uber-Extravagant Looks from London Men’s Fashion Week

London Men’s Fashion Week 2017 has recently come to an end. As we have seen throughout the seasons, London’s fashion weeks have a quite experimental and unconventional vibe. This year was no exception. Most of the brands and designers that showcase their work at LMFW, tend to project an edgy, extravagant image through their designs. We saw a lot of non-traditional oufits in terms of silhouette, styling and materials. From tops made entirely out of Italian pasta, to historical Elizabethan influences on raincoats and full-length skirts. Quirky hairdos, high heels covering only the big toe and many more details that compose outfits that stand on the edge.

Here we appose the 8 most extravagant looks that caught our attention.

by Thanos Arabatzis