Annousa knows experiences & invites us on a style-ride with VISA

Annousa Mela has this magic quality; only a few minutes with her are just enough to fill anyone with energy, creative ideas and optimism. She’s so much more than style editor; she’s a human browser of new concepts, experiences and trends. That’s the reason why her collaboration with Visa proved to be an ideal one.

A conversation with Annousa is as fascinating as her career in journalism and fashion. She’s one of the most vigorous fashion editors in Greece, a fashion and beauty director in prestigious magazines, the force behind the style blog and the creator of the ANAMESA concept store. She’s a style hostess with a motto: “Style in Real Life”. Working in such a variety of fields, Annousa has gained an immense expertise and experience, which she managed to combine and integrate to her work with tremendous success.

Regarding her partnership with Visa, she said all smiley that “This is a groundbreaking collaboration. We teamed up with Visa in order to create smart style and strategy options for the modern woman, i.e. the way she manages any fashion, technology and financial potential she’s surrounded with”.

Check out the upcoming Visa social media pages and take part to the competition or discover some useful fashion tips. There’s a style n’ life coaching workshop about money management as well, and so much more! At the ANAMESA concept store – a space she created two years ago with great love – you will find an exclusive Visa pop up corner, where surprises will excite any technology enthusiast. Aside from the already known collections, there, you will find the chic-with-a-twist concept, inspired by the current fashion trends and supported by smart technologies, offering a lookbook inspired by a different city every week, allowing you to “travel” wherever you want in style. And all these triggered by the Visa motto “Everywhere you want to be”.