XENIA GHALI | Going Places

Smiley, calm, full of energy; Xenia Ghali manages to balance skilfully between the dance scene and the emotion, the star system and her best fiends, Athens and Brooklyn. In a nutshell, she could be your best friend.

Her passion for music was there from an early age. The first CD she ever bought was ABBA GOLD and the second Bomfunk Mcs by Freestyler. Today, she creates her own tunes and performances. She is also a dj. Her name is no longer just a label; it is a brand. She confesses that she loves fashion and that, eventually, she wishes to create her own fashion label as well.

For Xenia, success does not come easy. She counts on her talent, patience, endless work hours and – of course – her collaborators. Wyclef for instance, whom she met randomly at a New York studio she was working at the time. The two of them released the track “Get Dirty” which became a billboard number 1 hit. He listened to some of her songs and he liked them. So, it’s not just luck; common aesthetics can be a good foundation for any collaboration.

XENIA GHALI Going Places

Xenia avoids labels. Her brand as she has it in mind, is not limited. She creates her own music, she conducts performances, she is a dj. She adores fashion and she a record label owner. Soon, she hopes to a development allowing her to sign more artists. She doesn’t want to limit her musical style either. Her music is not limited to House and EDM; she experiments with different sounds, working on melodies which she later transforms into songs. She says all smiley that, “It moves me every time a song of mine touches so many people. Some call it “commercial”, I call it “magic”.

In 2017 she will be spending most of her time in the U.S. “Going back and forth to America can be arduous, but necessary. Especially this year, I will have to invest more time in a place where the music industry is more competitive”. Xenia thinks that live shows are the main source of her energy. Whether it’s the Color Day Festival with the thousands spectators at the Olympic Stadium of Athens or a small night club for 150 people, she always wishes for an audience who can listen and connect to her music.

In the future, she would like to tour the whole world performing and maybe at some point to create movie soundtracks which she studied. She mentions that “Everybody says that I’m all work and I neglect my personal life. I know that I will have to step back at some point but, for now, I’m very happy”.

Her new single “Places” featuring Raquel Castro, was released in January by Funky Sheep Records.