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Adam Selman Spring/Summer 2015: Youthful 90s at New York


“Spring is kind of this New York City girl with a dirty face of makeup meets Harumi Yamaguchi in a cool Jane Birkin way”. This is how Adam Selman introduced his collection. He was talk of the town, when Rihanna wore one dress of his at the CFDA Awards. It is this renowned, that would reveal everything. Someone would thought that this collections would be equally revealing or that it would remind at least, this creation.

Yet, his clothes made reference to another era, mainly the 80s and 90s, the decades that the cool kids of today tend to revive. Everyday and summer garments, presented in an ambience found in even older shows, when models would hold a tab with the number of their look. Short tops-a 90s obsession, high-waisted trousers, all of them were created to match the profile of a young girl, nnot a woman.

Even the All Star shoes were not a reproduction of the sneakers phainomenon, that has everyone wearing them. It looked more of a choice, that the dream-girl of the designer would have made, rather than a fashion statement of a grown-up woman working in the fashion industry. The fresh vibe of the collection was not a goal, but a natural evolution. Just like the pearls, the only ornament applied. They were as if Selman’s girl wanted to differ from the rest of New York. Be even cooler.

Rihanna most probably is not his muse. Yet, he made a much more wearable version of the dress, that made him famous. Closer to his style and to his target group. It was however, quite far from the original one. But on the other hand, shouldn’t he keep us waiting for the future?

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