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Anna Wintour’s and Bob Marley’s Affair

wintour and marley

Few were those who knew the romance of Bob Marley and Anna Wintour. The mysterious relationship is said to have began in 1975 when Wintour disappeared for long periods of time and paparazzis would only find her backstage at concerts or at Marley’s hotel.

Rumour has it that the whole romance did not last much more than a week, so this is why it  has so far remained unknown. However, there are sources that reveal some details concerning this relationship.

Originally, Anna use to call him “Robert”, and continues to do so every time she makes reference to him. When she had even disappeared with Robert for a few days, she replied to Harper’s Bazaar that she is finding herself. Anna had also stated to friends that Marley was the love of her life but this did not apply to him, as well.

After his death and until today, once a year she sends everyone working in Vogue home early, pulls down her blinds, and plays one of his albums while slowly eating a piece of carrot cake.

Unfortunately there is only one photograph of the two and the only person who had seen it is Anna.