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Burberry’s new virtual replica store is right around the corner… or under your fingertips.

Aren’t we all so tired of not being able to go shopping nowadays? Or don’t we just wish that we could visit Tokyo for that?

Well, Burberry and Elle Digital Japan have made this possible. Last summer the London brand opened a hybrid store between digital and physical. This spring, it appears to be that Burberry collaborating with Elle Digital Japan is opening a digital store that resembles the physical Burberry Ginza shop in Tokyo. This means Burberry’s lovers will be able to browse and shop the spring 2021 collection digitally, but as if they were there and living the whole experience. Doesn’t that sound amazing? There is more.

The virtual shop is over three floors big, as reported, giving plenty of space for customers to explore. The first floor is dedicated to signature bags and the other two floors are for a selection of other products like women’s and men’s wear, outerwear, T-shirts, hoodies and a “silk twill short-sleeved shirt with graphic appliqués”.

Burberry and Elle Digital Japan, in their effort to make this experience as realistic and wholesome as possible, they have also worked with the actress and film director Elaiza Ikeda and have created five short films that will offer styling tips!

When, you ask, this will take place? It was lauched on the 19th of March and it will be online for one whole month, until the 18th of April. The shop will be available on Elle Japan and on Ellegirl Digital Japan. We surely are excited.

Moreover, moving on to Burberry’s Shenzhen store, they want to advance customers’ experience and in order to do so they ask that customers download WeChat. Through the app they will be able to “game around” the store, and to discover the world of Burberry virtually and in real-life.

The Shenzhen Store is as big as 5,800-square-foot, which translates to 539-square-meters, offering plenty of space for customers to wander around and enjoy themselves in a digital, “polished and futuristic environment”.

So, there is not much time left since we can cross this experience off of our bucket-list.

You can access the virtual store on:

Words by Vasiliki Roussou