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Converse All Star Andy Warhol

converse x warhol

Back in 1962, Andy Warhol presented the 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, 32 canvases on which a can of each soup of the company is painted. It is another subject, inspired by the pop culture, which the American artist really loved using for his art.

53 years later, in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Converse merges it with another pop icon culture, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star model and presents multiple new editions. Either in its initial colourings, or black and white, even in the 3 basic colors, all 7 editions show the can, highlighting at the same time Warhol’s qualities.

The Andy Warhol Foundation is a revival of Warhol’s vision and spirit since 1987, when it was founded, and it encourages innovative art expression, by standing by experimental and pioneering work. Moreover, it will receive part of the proceeds, so as to continue its disinterested action.