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Diesel Fall Winter 2009: Welcome to the House of Fun

Rapid Honesty_DP

Let your imagination run rabid with the new Diesel campaign – it’s got something for all the family and more. Fun (and obscure penis jokes) is back in fashion with the all new, all color big, bright, brazen, bold, bonkers and beautiful Diesel Fall/Winter 2009 campaign. In these voyeuristic, taboo-humping, iconoclastic spasms of a world mashed up by media, it follows many ridiculous “some-might-saybut- they would-be-wrong” insane subplots conjured up by the mad scientist of the advertising game (the Diesel Creative Team). The campaign, shot by Jason Nocito and styled by Avena Gallagher, yielded no less than 23,000 photos during a thrilling six-day shoot (which used more than 3,000 Diesel items). It’s pure entertainment. The campaign has already made its grand entrée into the world’s press and OOH spaces, supported by a full-on digital program that takes the insanity online.

Office_DP Dog_Underw_DP Jumping Girl_SP Hair_Snicker_DP

Autotelekinesis_Male_DP Denim_Couple_SP_FUCK