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John Galliano: “I had it all, and I wasn’t happy. Today, I’m happy”.


John Galliano made his first TV appearance in France on Sunday, three years after his firing from house Dior and his self-named label, due to an anti-semetic outburst a few days before Paris Fashion Week. The British fashion designer is paving the way for his return in the fashion industry, “step by step”. So, after his interview to French magazine Le Point in June, Maïtena Biraben had him over at her show, “Le Supplément” (there is also footage of Galliano’s appearance at Canal+‘s lunchtime show).

Before the interview, the outburst video was played, during which Galliano was heard saying “Terrible hat, no?”, while he made amends for himself saying that his reaction was a “defensive mechanism”, a result of a childhood trauma. “I can’t convince everyone, and I know some people will never forgive me. I understand that. I have taken physical steps to approach people that I have upset, to apologize. That’s part of my recovery”.

As fas as his future on the fashion industry, he is in the midst of his “return to creativity”, since -besides being the creative director of Russian fragrance house L’ Etoile- Galliano is the mentor of four students of Central Saint Martins. “Although I have lost a lot, I have gained so much. I mean, I’m alive today. I’ve been able to work on myself, and, eventually, when I do come back into the industry, I know the industry won’t have changed…but my perspective on it has changed”.

“I had it all, and I wasn’t happy. Today, I’m happy”.