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Kate Bosworth For Topshop

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Topshop has launched a collection inspired by famous for her great boho style Kate Bosworth. It’ s a 16-piece range designed to be the perfect festival wardrobe, including shorts, dresses, tops and waistcoats. The muse has already worn a few of the collection pieces -stepping out in the patterned waistcoat and brown ankle boots at Coachella, in April- and you just got to adore them…

Topshop-Kate-Bosworth-14-Vogue-15May13-PR_b_1080x720 (1)

Topshop-Kate-Bosworth-13-Vogue-15May13-PR_b_1080x720 (1)

Topshop-Kate-Bosworth-19-Vogue-15May13-PR_b_1080x720 (1)