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La Bûche Beige: Karl Lagerfeld designs a Christmas Cake


Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer and creative director of fashion house Chanel, will design the 10-year-anniversary celebration cake of the Tokyo restaurant Beige, signed by French chef Alain Ducasse. Perhapsthe connection between those two, the designer and the chef, is not quite apparent. Although, Beige Alain Ducasse- Tokyo is accommodated at the 10th floor of the Chanel Ginza building, and it is born due to the collaboration of Chanel and Alain Ducasse Enterprises.

So, the chef asked Lagerfeld to design the desert that will be served during these double celebrating days -because of the anniversary and Christmas- and the designer gave it the shape of the iconic Chanel lipstick, in caramel and dark chocolate flavors. La Bûche Beige will be served from 19/12 up to 25/12, as the desert of the “Deluxe Christmas Menu“. The cake box will also be designed by Lagerfeld, although there is not much information about its looks.

* Words by Kristel Liakou