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Romance Was Born: Australian Fashion Week

Romance Was Born

Fashion Week in Australia opened on Monday in the most spectacular way, as the Romance Was Born ( know very well to captivate us with their creations and with their shows. Their collection for Fall ’13 bears the name “Mushroom Magic” and their collaboration with artist Tanya Schultz (Pip & Pop, was more than successful. It was magical. Full of color, glitter and… sugar. These were the awesome materials that Tanya used for her installations. Considering now the sources of RWB‘s inspiration for their collection, which are many and diverse, are an excellent example of mix & match,  not so easy though to use it in everyday life. Unless you are a lighthearted harajuku or something like that. The whole show was an endless journey in children’s’ imagination and psychedelia, simultaneously. With clear references to the Cheshire cat (see Alice in Wonderland), Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the models – symbols of ’60s Peggy Moffit and Twiggy.


Of course, it wasn’t  the first time that this fantastic duo from Australia, Anna Plunket and Luke Sales (RWB), flabbergast, yet fascinates. And the proof of all previous, are the equally imaginative and inspired past collections. As they count, already, eight years in fashion industry. Anna and Lukas, it’s worth noting that they ‘ve turned down the chance to work with John Galliano when he asked them some years back, staying loyal to their own colorful dream and their own point of view. Also, they have designed for a number of musicians including Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Lilly Allen and many more. And not accidentally.

 So… Bippity – Boppity – Boo…

 It’s time to get ourselves sprinkled with fairy dust and start sliding on rainbows!

 Text: Natasa Koumi