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Self Made! by Gianfranco Villegas

His collection can be considered as a blend of the Italian finesse and the ferocity of the ghetto style, seen only in the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from his not-so-easy childhood, the young designer of Self Made, Gianfranco – born during the 1990s- combines refined tailored suits and jackets with basketball shorts, bombers and ……. Flip-flops. The prints and patterns that he uses, more like photographic collages, are a reminder of the poverty that he was witnessing in his old neighborhood. Sportswear details and fabrics consist the collection, while silk and pineapple fibers are giving an intriguing twist in the collection. His first collection, on January 2013, was a hymn to unique knitwear, voluminous leggings, while the former Art director of Comme De Garcons and Yojj Yamamoto, Marc Ascoli chose the material that he used. His fashion career commenced, when he was 14 years old.









Τext: Danae Terzakou