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The 10 Most Valuable Fashion Brands of 2014


Interbrands recently published a list with the most valuable brands all over the world for 2014. We can spot between them many names of the fashion industry. Leading the fashion pack this year is Louis Vuitton, who despite being down 9% on last year, managed to make huge margins in the Asian market and now is the most valuable fashion name. The second and third place belongs to the fast fashion brand H&M and sportswear brand Nike, respectively. It is remarkable that first places are taken by fast fashion and generally brands and the last ones are taken by fashion houses names and timeless- classic luxury fashion names, such as Tiffany’s.

1. Louis Vuitton $22,552m (-9%)
2. H&M $21,083m (+16%)
3. Nike $19,875m (+16%)
4. Zara $12,126 (+12%)
5. Gucci $10,385m (+2%)
6. Hermes $8,977m (+18%)
7. Cartier $7,449m (+8%)
8. adidas $7,378m (-2%)
9. Prada $5,977m (+7%)
10. Tiffany & Co. $5,936m (+9%)

* Words by Kristel Liakou