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“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”. Or maybe not?

Created for Fawcett Society,  a charity concerning equality among the sexes, these T-shirts have aroused interest the past few days. After Tom Hiddleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch and various British polititians wore them, it comes as a surprise that these tees seem to be embroiled in a very un-feminist controversy about the inconsistency of their meaning.

According to the british edition of Daily Mail, the shirts, which are manufactured by Whistles, were made by underpaid women in Mauritius — to the tune of 62 pence, or roughly one dollar, per hour. For what it’s worth, the Fawcett Society is denying the allegations, telling The Guardian that the workers were paid above minimum wage. And Whistles issued that they will continue to work with the factory in question to review the pay and work conditions. So, at the end of the day, should we always believe in the picture and only?