Hermès Bags Are Even More Valuable Than You Thought

sex and the city hermes bag

“It’s not a bag, It’s a Birkin” was the response of the seller in Hermès’s house, when Samantha Jones from Sex and The City asked for the bag. And this quote is, probably, the best to describe the true value of a Hermès bag.

When Samantha Jones abused her star-client’s name to jump the five-year waiting list and buy a Birkin, she did good thing, for sure. And that’s something that confirmed by a new study over  Hermès bags’ real value. Based on this, if Samantha patiently waited, the value of the bag would have increased by 71% by now. And if the situation remain like this, with the demand remaining intense and the supply limited, this increase is expected to double in the next 10 years. On 2015 a Hermès Birkin bag was selled for 223.000$, and 2016 will see a record number of collectors and investors, meaning even second-hand styles are being sold well above market value in order to bypass the wait list.