New Faces in Town!


Giannis 25: (Thessaloniki – Greece) Been in the city… Two weeks. I like… The festivals, the comics, the alternative music scene, the Gazi area. I dislike… It is pretentious; it’s a village with possibilities, stuck to an old mentality. City that has been most good to me… Berlin. Its dynamic, it’s boiling with energy, it’s unpredictable. It’s open to anything.


Natalia 18: (Krakow – Poland) Been in the City… One month. I like… The Acropolis museum, the people, the weather. I dislike… There are no names on the streets. Crowded houses. City that’s has been most good to me… Colorful Tokyo with small people and loud music.


Sandrine 20: Zolder – Belgium) Been in the city… Three weeks. I like… the food, the frappe, the clubs, the history. I dislike… the way people here treat animals. I would like to point out that pigs are friends, not food! City that has been most good to me… Athens! I learned a lot, and everyone here is relaxed, and there is positive energy all around.


Susan 20: (South Carolina – U.S.A) Been in the City… Τwo weeks. I like… Public transportation. I dislike… Not hearing English all the time. Makes me miss home. City that’s has been most good to me… Frankfurt. It was pure fun.