The Knights of Knightsbridge – The 11 meter high fashion installation in London

Nick Knight, a photographer for British Vogue and founder of fashion film platform SHOWstudio, has just finished one of his most ambitious projects to date. He was commisses to produce a screen to covering the building work of a new construction project in London’s Knightsbridge area which will house seven new luxury stores, office space and premium apartments with a rooftop terrace to top it off.

Image copyright Nick Knight via Vogue

The screen is 11 meters high and 120 meters long featuring dramatic pieces from designers including Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Iris van Herpen, Yohji Yamamoto, Craig Green and Maison Margiela. Knight effortlessly combined archival outfits with recent more experimental work of recent graduates from Central Saint Martin’s .

Images copyright Nick Knight via Vogue

Knight describes the work as a “public exhibition” which captures the cosmopolitan nature of London and the diversity found in the city. He wanted to create a billboard which had a message and a point of view in order to get people to look up from their phones. This installation is undoubtably arresting for anyone walking past. However it is likely the images will become damaged over the 18 months placed between a busy road and building site but this didn’t worry Knight who told Vogue that “the wearing of the images also shows its purpose”.

You can see the behind the scenes video posted on SHOWstudio below: