Can You Imagine Paris Lightened Up with the Use of Bacteria?


It sounds unbelievable, but yet it is possible! The new trend in alternative power sources is called bioluminescence and it is based on the creation of light by living organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Thus, the “City of Light” assumes an entirely new meaning!

The idea came from a Parisian start up company, which aims to enclose in transparent cases a gel full of bioluminescent bacteria from squid, along with sugar and oxygen they need to survive, in order to light up shop windows, public spaces and facilities, hoping sometime soon to illuminate whole streets! The advantages are many: less intense lighting equals less light pollution, while emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced sharply. Then, these lights are made of a transparent shell that can be easily adapted to any size and shape and they are completely distinctive during the day, since they remain transparent.

The only disadvantage is that for now the bioluminescence can illuminate Paris only for three days, while it remains unknown if its cost can compete the effectiveness of conventional energy sources.