The Dark Side of Barbie

mariel clayton barbie 8

Barbie is the most widespread girls’ toy all over the world. In their childish world, though, Barbie is a beautiful girl, living in an awesome house and spending her life next to Ken could not but make her extremely happy.

But inside Mariel Clayton‘s adult world, she is a woman, with unreal measurements, but she is still a human, having her own issues and instincts. Sexual, self destructing and deadly. She is having sex with Ken, they are trying to kill each other, they are indulgin their vice, in what is the real adult and intimate world of one’s own. This is actually what the life of the “perfect” couple would be like, if they had to live in this world.

The self-taught photographer has lots of imagination, and her props make each scene unique.

“Barbie was designed as the woman that every girl would want to be, and that every man would want to fuck. Her body design, the blonde hair, the tiny waist, the perky tits – all part of this new feminine ideal to be held up as a guiding beacon of womanhood. and yet – outside of an aesthetically enhanced sector of society, the number of women who actually look like that naturally is decidedly small. The Sex life of the Girl with no Genitals”.