Women Are Twice As Anxious As Men!

women anxious

[A newly released research by the Cambridge University makes reference to high anxiety levels of both me and women.]

According to the famous university’s research, both sexes are more anxious before the age of 35 years old, and women are even more than men. This anxiety is even bigger when it comes to pregnant women and new mums, while the most anxious women are the North Americans. Eight women out of one hundred project feelings of anxiety, while the percentage for the rest of the world is the half of it.

As for the reasons, it all boils down to women’s new dual role at work and home. This turn into “feelings of fear, worry which persist for a long time and are affecting everyday life”. According to Olivia Remes of the  Department of Pubilc Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge, “This could be because of hormonal fluctuations or because women are more prone to stress in general, or because of their traditional role of caring for the young.” What she suggests is meditation, physical exercise, self help books and a healthy lifestyle, away from alcohol and drugs.