Well Being

This is Sebastian, This is What’s Next

Berlin is a hub of talent and a city identified with new ideas. So, being the main venue of the European wide launching of the new Sebastian Professional collection didn’t come as a surprise both to us journalists and to the company’s wonderful tribe of hairdressers. The recharging raw, wild momentum and the force which propels us to think outside the box are the inspiration for the Sebastian Professional RE-CHARGE collection.

In a world dominated by the internet and technology which determine almost every aspect of our lives, nature still has this great power that can help us to restore our energy and creativity. The Sebastian Global Art Directors, Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, were the leads of the show which was full of high-tech, easily transformable looks. At the end of the show they said: “We live in a fast-paced environment and we get bombarded by hundreds of different things every day. Sebastian has always been inspired by nature and this collection is a chance for us to celebrate”.


Five quintessential products define the powerful impact of nature, assisting in the creation of a series of modern hairstyles and looks: POTION 9 is a styling treatment with nine oil botanicals. It is ideal to restore hair’s natural condition, to protect and renew shine.

ERUPTEK is a lava-like paste, enriched with volcanic ash. It detonates on contact with hair, for expansive volume.

TEXTURE MAKER is a lightweight texture spray with sea salt crystals, ensuring the perfect matte finish and medium hold.  Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood and argan oil, DARK OIL is an evanescent styling oil that smoothens the cuticle, adding silky sleekness and volume.

Finally, there is the CRAFT CLAY, a compact texturizer, infused with earth minerals. It is perfect for remoldable styles with a matte finish. Returning to Athens, we tried the RE-CHARGE collection. We’re certain: This is Sebastian, This is What’s Next.