48 Urban Garden: the Place to Be in Athens

48 urban 2

The 48 Urban Garden at its well-known spot of Armatolon and Klefton 48, is housed at the Ileana Tounda Modern Art Centre. This urban garden came into being through the minds of Ileana Tounda herself and Giorgos Varvaritis and was created out of a need for a high quality dining establishment that revolves around the ideas of modern aesthetics and an unassuming atmosphere.

The source of inspiration for both the creators of this space, was a modern “objet trouve”, an airstream caravan that arrived in Athens from abroad and was swiftly transformed into a food truck, to cater to the culinary needs of the 48 Urban Garden. To transform their vision into a reality, they reached out to the AK-A architectural office, that took the job on and designed a multi-level space full of wooden platforms and benches, picnic tables and bursting with vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.

The menu was co-designed by the owners with the help of chef Giannis Kandilidis, sous-chef Stefanos Protopapas and pastry chef Kleo Andriopoulou. The venue’s bar centers around the creation of unique long drinks with herbs used coming from the restaurant’s garden. All of the above of course comes priced, with the current financial situation taken into significant consideration.